LefTech is committed to deliver a win-win collaboration with a combination of marketing strategy and technology solutions for all valued clients.

Proud to be a part of green business community, we strongly support sustainable programs to work with international renewable energy developers and power producers for diverse clean energy projects. With a specialization of designing and customizing marketing plans to match your business needs and client profile analysis in online environment, we continuously improve our professional activities to build lasting client relationships as the goal of our competitive services.


Creative & Digital Marketing:

– Graphic & website design

– Branding strategy & public relations

– Online content management for social media

– Event marketing and video production

– Copywriting and web page services available in English/French/Chinese

Business Consulting:

– Market research & development about industry and products

– Project management and implementation including solar energy, renewable tech, tech for good and green initiatives for business CSR(corporate social responsibility).

– Crossborder collaboration available with public organizations and private companies in global network