Coronavirus risks are spreading rapidly with public health concerns and environmental problems. Love animal and live healthy are not only a good quality now, but also more about life choice.

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads much more faster than the SARS 17 years ago, so far it has caused about 500 death worldwide in less than a month, the massive pneumonia outbreak raises the concerns about the impact on public health and the economy from local to regional and international. So where did it come from and what are the reasons?

According to WHO, the deadly virus is spreading rapidly through multiple transmissions and a PHEIC was declared across the world, but the real cause remain to be found out with investigations. Is COVID 19 a nature-related virus, animal-related disease or human-related intentional act? With more and more infected cases of this contagious disease, people are getting upset about many different sayings and unverified sources everywhere.

When it comes to an emergency situation with high infection risks between each other, we don’t have too much choice to think about thoroughly and can only respond as quick as possible. As the COVID virus can cause cough, fever, shortness of breath and death, the prevention and treatment are extremely important to protect our health and save lives. Keep a social distance, wear the face mask, stay more at home without big gathering and frequent contacts with lots of people, quarantine, isolation and vaccination, COVID outbreak has greatly changed our life in all ways.

Whatever the reasons behind the COVID 19, we need to learn from such a big lesson, don’t be egocentric, share the world equally and live with birds, mammal and wildlife together. Let’s raise more environmental awareness, respect more nature and biodiversity, take responsibility for our planet and ourselves most importantly. It’s the time for people to be fully aware of the health risks with the ignorant behaviors and uncaring mindsets, better understand about nature, animals, food chain and ecologic system. Speaking science and health, respecting nature and caring all lives just mean to protecting ourselves.

We all know how important is the ecology balance between people, nature and animals, most of people like birds and animals. My mom and I visited a bird museum in China, discovered different kinds of birds and their interesting facts, my mom also played some interactive games with some kids…very fun experience of learning birds and animal friends. Here’s a video about this visiting tour, enjoy!